...And we know why. Traditional capitalism unintentionally creates its own resistance to holism. It does this by creating disparate perspectives between the organization, its employees, its customers, and its communities. These disparities naturally resolve when the right skills are applied.


Even when they are applied by the executive leadership team or a skilled consultant, they usually are not taught or transferred down through the ranks to front-line leaders.


By using deep dialogue skills and transferring those skills to key on-site leaders, we leverage synergies and holism in support of productive culture and strategic alignment. This translates to more time for executives to focus on big picture issues and scaling the business.


Our focus is on helping value-driven companies that are committed to social responsibility and employee engagement deliver a world-class customer experience.

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Take a look at our logo. It illustrates the critical relationships between an organization and its environment. The central pyramid represents the organization. Each circle represents that organization's employees, its customers, and the communities in which it operates.


The organization has influence over the experience its customers, employees, and communities have with it... but they also influence each other, completely outside the company's control! In that way, those three critical experiences come to mirror each other over time.


If a company ignores even one of these relationships, that neglect will tarnish the others, until eventually another company comes along that engages all three circles more effectively. When that happens, new companies that are first-movers in the next paradigm beyond traditional capitalism, can break into saturated markets and claim vast swaths of market share, leaving older companies in the dust.


It doesn't have to be that way! We know how to manage change and guide a business toward holism, generating synergies between the three critical relationships instead of conflict.


Leveraging the shift toward Holistic Capitalism means turning employees and customers alike into raving fans. Even in a time when communities and governments are shifting powerfully toward anti-corporate, anti-capitalist sentiment and regulation, holistic organizations can and do earn the trust and support of those very same communities, enhancing both their bottom line, and their ability to scale and enter new markets.

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