Organization Development, or OD as it's often called, incorporates Open Systems Theory, Lean Operations Principles, and Change Management to align every level of an organization, from top leadership to front-line workers, toward a single holistic vision and goal.


Here are some of the OD services we offer:

  • Create Synergy and Holism Using Dialogue and Emotional Intelligence
  • Holistic Strategy Facilitation
  • Open Systems Theory Planning
  • Organization Design for Implementation of Holistic Business Models
  • Dialogical Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Management
    • Self-Managed Team Structure
    • Lean Operations Culture
    • Ad Hoc Techniques
  • Executive, Mid-Management, & Supervisor Coaching
  • Internal OD Facilitator Training
  • Change Management
  • Lean Operations Implementation
  • Pro-Associate Architecture
  • Labor Training System Design
  • Team Building
    • Executive Leadership Teams
    • Functional Teams
    • Cross-Functional Synergy Building
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